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Stripes :iconxdgiirl:xDGiiRL 5 0
Fall for a star - Royai
Berthold Hawkeye's apprentice, Roy Mustang, moved in a few months ago, into the Hawkeye's old manor. Roy was a tall, black haired boy with deep dark eyes, and was a real nag. The house, before him, was usually silent, since Berthold's only child, Riza, was a really quiet girl. She was blonde, with honey colored eyes, at least a head smaller than Roy and loved reading.
Both kids were usually together, even when, at the beginning, they thought the other was actually annoying, but after a few weeks of living together, both kids enjoyed being with each other. At least, most of the time.
Can you stop bugging me?!Oh, come on, I'm not doing anything! 
The boy was simply playing with her hair, or poking her face, or taking away her book, just for fun.
You've got to study, Roy, or my father will get pissed again.He's always pissed at me, anyway.
The girl kept staring at him with a sad face. They were both laying in the grass, under the shadow of the biggest elm in the garden. Lots of books
:iconxdgiirl:xDGiiRL 1 0
Y yo que?
He sido una persona cruel.
Creo que esta sensación viene por haber leido El Gato Negro de Poe, pero no puedo despojarme del miedo de ser como la persona que protagoniza el cuento.
Siempre he sido una persona cruel. Con otras personas, tiendo al rencor, al odio y al desprecio, a la critica destructiva y tengo la capacidad para la violencia fisica, aunque nunca he recurrido a ella, realmente.
A pesar de todo, los animales son mi corazon. Llegue a amar a mi perro como a mi hermano, o más, diria yo; y mis gatitos son simplemente adorables.
Pero, ¿qué pasa en esos momentos, en que por sueño, amargura o cualquier razon, no te dejan descansar o te fastidian y los empujas o los apartas?
Y no puedo evitar el sentir, que me aman tanto que es imposible perdonarme a mi misma por esas acciones.
Quien hiere a un animal no merece la vida.
¿Y entonces, yo qué?
:iconxdgiirl:xDGiiRL 0 0
I love you
I love you, I really do.
I love you more than you can even believe.
I love you in a kid way, with my heart and soul,
with my whole imagination.
I love you like an adult, with my whole body, my heartbeat,
and my breath.
I love you, because of reasons I can't even write.
But mostly, I love you 'cause you make me smile.
:iconxdgiirl:xDGiiRL 3 0
I was trying to call you, couldn’t find another way to communicate with you.
You weren’t answering so I waited. My lucky number is 56. It was 12:48, so I waited.
I waited. Minutes passed slowly so I dialed your number, known by heart, but waited ‘till 12:56 to press the call button.
Mi ipod started playing Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Cailat.
I guessed it was a signal.
The call ended after 56 seconds. You didn’t answered.
Minutes after, my phone rang “I’m on the door”
Lucky after all.
:iconxdgiirl:xDGiiRL 0 0
Nico :iconxdgiirl:xDGiiRL 0 1 Tyra :iconxdgiirl:xDGiiRL 3 0
Wise Girl
My girlfriend is great, she's cute, she can fight and basically can do anything. She has those stormy eyes that kind of hypnotize me and she’s really smart, an architecture freak and can be really annoying; I can sometimes get sidetracked looking at her and forget to listen, but, hey, I really love her. Lots.
The other day, I was just standing, trying to find her. She was nowhere to be seen, and I was starting to worry. Even in the Camp, people disappear. I knew that.
But then, out of nowhere, something hugged me and I felt a kiss, I was sure she wasn't there. I can be really slow sometimes, I mean, I couldn't see her, but yeah. You know why.
When my brain was on and working again, I held her and took her Yankees cap off.
"Hullo," I said.
"Hi," she answered with a big smile.
“You tricked me”
“It was easy, sea-weed brain”
She is Athena’s daughter, of course it was easy to trick me. But, you know, I'm sort of proud of her, she's too smart.
"That's my W
:iconxdgiirl:xDGiiRL 6 2
Tyra :iconxdgiirl:xDGiiRL 2 2
What he said was brilliant. He did say brilliant things often, he’s really smart
But it wasn’t only brilliant. It was so kind and wonderful. How he remembered ‘bout them even when I didn’t.
I Dropped the basilisk fangs and ran into him. I jumped on him, and became brave.
I kissed him. He froze. His eyes wide open. I was scared, devastated. He didn’t love me back. Bloody hell.
Those were the longest and most horrible 10 seconds of my life. Then, Ron came back to life, smiled like a fool within my lips and kissed me back.
:iconxdgiirl:xDGiiRL 8 7
The food, the candles, the flowers. The chocolate, the necklace, our song.
All I care is that we are alone. I can’t stop looking at her. I’m sure she can feel my stare on her. I’ve never seen someone so beautiful and stunning.
I told her my feelings long time ago, she laughed and blushed and told me she loved me from before. I’m getting mad, she can’t be real, she just can’t.
Maybe I’m dreaming. Maybe there’s too much blood in my face to think properly.
“I love you, Ron” … Silence.
“…loveyoutoo, 'Mione.”
“You’re drooling, love”
:iconxdgiirl:xDGiiRL 3 2
We were on the scarlet train. As prefects, it was our duty to check all of it before getting to King’s Cross.
We somehow ended in an empty train car. Alone.
I was really tired and wanted to sleep,so I put my head on the window, but Ron came closer and said “come on, you can sleep on my shoulder…”
I did.
All I could think of was “How do you want me not to fall in love with you?” while NOT sleeping.
I was blushing too much to sleep, but then I thought “This will be My year”
:iconxdgiirl:xDGiiRL 4 2
Pero estoy Feliz.
Es posible que no tenga nada de sentido, conocer a alguien y brindarle toda tu confianza sin razón, a sabiendas de que probablemente te traicione.
En un poco tiempo te das cuenta de lo que sucede, y como no tiene sentido, tratas de evitarlo. No es posible que esto te pase a ti.
No es algo que hagas seguido, te da miedo. Es imposible que esto suceda.
Pero esta pasando, lo sabes. Admitelo, es la verdad.
De repente, te enamoraste.
Te enamoraste de alguien que no conoces.
Es una persona que entiende mucho de lo que te gusta.
No sabes como es en verdad, si está fingiendo. Si juega contigo.
Sabes que no debes confiar, pero te dejas llevar. Nada importa, ya es muy tarde para dar marcha atras. Sabes lo que pasa. Te encanta.
Y aunque no tiene sentido, te arriesgas, pero esta bien. Te gusta. Le gustas. ¿Por qué no darle una oportunidad? ¿Qué pierdes con intentarlo?
Puedes salir herido, tienes miedo. Pero más importante, estas Feliz. Estas m
:iconxdgiirl:xDGiiRL 1 0
Saria WIP :iconxdgiirl:xDGiiRL 0 0
Next year.
Last Halloween, I dressed up like a dinosaur. It was quite simple, a green hoodie with a dinosaur face drawn on the hood, a tail attached to it, and I went on and wrote "RAWR" on the front of it. Really simple, but I never liked vampires or werewolves, they were too normal, and too boring.
He wasn't a normal kid, he thought, he didn't actually care about Halloween. But last year, something changed about it. Something happened that, maybe for the rest of his life, he would wait for Halloween to come, like any excited kid.
He was all alone, he didn't like to go on groups, he knew that, when your costume is the worst of the group, you almost get no candies, that's mostly why. That, and that he never had many friends actually.
He didn't care now. He got a friend that day, maybe two.
He was walking towards the end of the street, there was a creepy place where the street died and the wood started, that place where no one would like to go on night, but lucky him, was the direction of his hous
:iconxdgiirl:xDGiiRL 0 0
Far Away.
Hey. Why are you alone?
I'm not alone, I have friends who love me.
Where are them? They're not with you.
Yes, they are. Even if they're away, they're always in my heart.
What if they are too far away? Do you even talk?
We do, sometimes. Not everyday, but it doesn't matter, because we care for eachother.
But what about distance?
Distance? If we see the same sky, then we're not so far away.
:iconxdgiirl:xDGiiRL 2 7


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Yesterday I got and instagram account, even if I really kinda thought instagram was "instashit".
But dunno, I really thought, it'd be fun to upload my shots somewhere else, also, it kinda boost up the quality of my shots, (since I take photos with a 2mp phone camera and a ipod Nano 5g, then shot the video on Gom player) with all the filters and stuff, because I can hide my silly mistakes :giggle:.
So far, only thing I don't like is that my photos are apparently too big for instashitgram and it sucks lol...
Well, I'll be giving it a shot, so...


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I Love to draw, but I'm not exactly good at coloring. I love to be here All day because meeting other Artist is pretty cool, and people here is awesome.
I love Sports, I practice Karate. And I'm Obsessed with too many fandoms XD


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